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Public Hearing: Our Boone County 2045 - Goals & Objectives

The Boone County Planning Commission is currently updating the countywide Comprehensive Plan. Reviewed every five years, the Comprehensive Plan helps guide land use and development in unincorporated Boone County and the cities of Florence, Union and Walton.

The Comprehensive Plan is guided by a statement of Goals & Objectives, which are adopted by elected officials of the Boone County Fiscal Court, the Florence City Council, the Walton City Council and the Union City Commission. The approved Goals & Objectives form the framework for the remainder of the plan, known as Elements. These include:

  • Demographics
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Cultural Resources
  • Economy
  • Public Facilities and Services
  • Transportation
“Our communities have seen tremendous change and growth since 2019,” shares Jenna LeCount, Director of Community Development Services for the Boone County Planning Commission. “Our Boone County Plan 2045 serves to reflect what is important to the county as a whole and guides development and preservation efforts in the coming decades.”

Public Hearing Scheduled for April 17

Over the past several months, the Planning Commission has reviewed comments and suggestions received from residents, local officials and other stakeholders through in-person meetings and online engagement. Those insights have been considered by the BCPC’s Long Range Planning Committee to draft updates to the Comprehensive Plan’s statement of Goals and Objectives.

The public is invited to a public hearing on April 17, 2024, at 7 p.m. to hear draft Goals and Objectives and to provide additional comments. The hearing will take place in the Boone County Fiscal Courtroom, located on the first floor of the Boone County Administration Building (2950 Washington Street, Burlington).

The statement of the Goals and Objectives of the Boone County Comprehensive Plan, Our Boone County – Plan 2045 is also available for public comment online. All comments received online between March 7 and April 17 at 5 p.m. will be entered into the public record at the April 17 meeting.

This portion of the Comprehensive Plan aims to create aspirational, high-level goals for quality growth and development. Specific policies, processes and procedures will be addressed in the Elements of the plan.

What Happens Next
After the April 17 public hearing, the Long-Range Planning/Comprehensive Plan Committee will review all comments, and then the committee will provide a report to the Boone County Planning Commission, which will include all comments and suggestions regarding the Goals & Objectives, and common themes and feedback heard from stakeholders.

The 15-member Planning Commission will then vote on whether to accept the Long-Range Planning Committee’s recommendations. Once the Goals and Objectives are approved by the Planning Commission, they will be sent to individual legislative bodies for potential adoption of the recommendations for their residents and Areas. The legislative bodies include the Boone County Fiscal Court, Florence City Council, Union City Commission, and Walton City Council.  

Tentatively, recommended Goals and Objectives are expected to be before the Fiscal Court and city councils in June. The Boone County Fiscal Court will provide notice prior to the meetings when Goals and Objectives are reviewed and discussed.

Once individual legislative bodies approve and adopt Goals & Objectives for their residents and areas, work will begin on the Elements of the Comprehensive Plan. Residents will have additional opportunities to weigh in on specific chapters of the Comprehensive Plan this summer and early fall.

If you have any questions regarding the Comprehensive Plan, you can contact the Boone County Planning Commission at or 859-334-2196.

About the Planning Commission
The Boone County Planning Commission is a public agency that oversees planning and zoning for the cities of Florence, Union, and Walton and unincorporated areas of Boone County.  Legislative bodies in each of these areas appoint board members to the Planning Commission to represent the needs and interests of their residents. The Boone County Fiscal Court appoints six members, as does the City of Florence. The City of Walton appoints two members, and the City of Union appoints one board member. (View the list of Planning Commissioners and other appointed members of the Planning Commission).



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