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Boone County Parks DepartmentEnhanced Dog Park Planned for Boone County

The Boone County Parks Department is working to provide an enhanced dog park that will provide a better experience and include amenities that have been requested by users such as increased parking, larger overall footprint and additional runs. In order to facilitate these enhancements and coordinate the construction of the new Animal Care and Control facility, the current dog park will be moved to another location that will serve the England-Idlewild Park corridor.  

“This is an exciting opportunity to provide a great space for the new County Animal Shelter while working to improve the amenities and space available for users of the dog park,” said Parks Director David Whitehouse

The current dog park will close for construction of the new animal shelter on September 6, 2022. The Parks Department does not want the dog park community to be without space, so the team has identified a temporary location that will be created on the current Baseball Field # 7 within England-Idlewild Park and will accommodate our furry friends until the ribbon-cutting on the new and improved dog park next year. The end result of these projects will be a bigger and better dog park with increased capacity, as well as, a modern animal shelter to ensure proper care of our animals. The Boone County Parks has provided another win-win for the residents of Boone County.



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