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Seize the Street

seize the street signThe Boone County Seize the Street Program runs throughout the year. This program is similar to Adopt-a-Highway, where organizations can adopt county roads in efforts to keep Boone County clean and free of litter.

To sign up, your organization must be a business, non-profit, community organization, or government entity. This is a volunteer program, however we ask that your organization commits to at least three cleanups per year. (Though, we always encourage more than three!) Suggested times for cleanups are: early Spring (April), mid-Summer (June/July), and late Fall/early Winter (October/November). 

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Supporting Documents

Please review all supporting documents before your cleanup. These documents will be given to you as a hardcopy with your rented supplies.

Litter Cleanup Survey Field Guide  Release of Liability   Safety First 
 Drug Paraphernalia   Contact Information  

After Your Cleanup

Please return any borrowed equipment to us CLEANED. You can upload pictured through the link below.

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