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At Boone County Solid Waste, we are a resource to the residents of Boone County. We offer a variety of ways to recycle items throughout the year through our Big Blue Bin program, Recycling Center, and various recycling events.

For questions regarding disposal and recycling, please call 859-334-3151.

paint canGot leftover paint?
Stop by the Boone County Public Works Office (5645 Idlewild Road, Burlington, KY 41005) for a free paint hardener packet. This paint hardener works for latex and acrylic paints, as well as stains. One packet will harden up to two-thirds of a gallon within 15 minutes. Once hardened and solidified, leave lid off and dispose in your curbside trash.

Are you a recycling expert? Take our "So You Think You Can Recycle" quiz and put your knowledge to the test here.

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