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Big Blue Bin Locations

All Big Blue Bin locations accept the following items (unless otherwise noted): plastic bottles and jugs (spout must be smaller than bottom; lids are OK if left on), glass bottles and jars, metal cans (no scrap metal in the bins), mixed paper (remove any plastic wrap), and cardboard and paperboard (flatten before recycling).
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Please avoid placing these items in the bins: styrofoam, plastic bins, electronics, organic material (food, diapers, etc.), wood, plastic toys, furniture, hazardous items, and plastic bags. If you are unsure if it can be recycled, contact Boone County Solid Waste at 859-334-3151

If you notice a bin is full, call 859-334-3151 to report it. Please do not leave loose items outside of the bins, as they can be blown away as litter.



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