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Community Service

Boone County Solid Waste happily promotes community service throughout the county. Whether you need community service hours, an Earth Day activity, or just want to help out your community - we applaud it! Your impact is helping make a difference in Boone County. 

We focus on two main areas for litter cleanups: on the roadsides and riversides. In a Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study, over 49.5 billion pieces of litter were collected. On the roadways, there were over 23.6 billion, and 25.8 billion in the waterways. The most-collected item was plastic.

To host your own cleanup, you can choose what roadside, park, or cleanup area you would like to do. Additionally, we have maps already created. These maps are made for Trash for Cash, a non-profit program, and are each five miles total. (Five miles + 20 volunteers = 3 hours of work.)

tfc-available maps map of bc

Supporting Documents

Please review all supporting documents before your cleanup. These documents will be given to you as a hardcopy with your rented supplies.

Litter Cleanup Survey Field Guide  Release of Liability   Safety First 
 Drug Paraphernalia   Contact Information  

After Your Cleanup

To help us track data, we ask that you complete the Two-Minute Survey. For fun, you can send your experience and photos to River City News in a letter to the editor.

tfc-survey tfc-letter cleanup pictures

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