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Backyard Compost

Did you know around 40% of America's food is wasted each year? In a 2012 study, Americans were shown to toss out $165 billion each year in just food waste. Once this food is tossed into the trash can, it travels to a landfill by a garbage truck. Landfills are not 'natural' systems and do not allow food to decompose as they would if they were tossed in your backyard compost or garden. Because we use trash bags, our uneaten food will rot (or preserve in some cases!) in the plastic and release a 50-50 biogas of carbon dioxide and methane into the surrounding air. Not-so-fun fact: methane is over 20x more potent than carbon dioxide and stays in the air for up to 12 years. Some landfills even capture this methane to produce renewable energy!

What can we do about this? We can reduce our food waste by doing a few simple things:
  1. Buy only what you need and plan your meals in advance.
  2. Store your food correctly. Save the Food has a great web guide here!
  3. Don't buy in bulk unless you need to.
  4. Eat at home more. Restaurants overfeed us and toss whatever we don't eat straight into the trash can.
  5. Get creative in the kitchen when your food is on the edge of spoiling.
  6. Know what your food's expiration date is actually telling you. Trust your smeller and your taster, not the label! Learn more here.

Still have food waste? Consider composting! 

Backyard Compost

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