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Fiscal Court Adopts 911 Dwelling Unit Fee To Replace 911 Landline Fee

The Boone County Fiscal Court adopted a 911 dwelling unit fee ordinance at the April 18, 2017 regular meeting of the Court. The 911 service fee of $75.00 (Seventy-five dollars and zero cents) annually applies to each occupied individual residential unit and each occupied individual commercial unit located within the County of Boone and takes effect on July 1, 2018. The Court also voted to eliminate the current 911 landline fee of $33.36, replacing a fee with a fee. The 911 dwelling unit fee will be dedicated to the 911 fund to be used only for the operation of the emergency dispatch and 911 services. 

Facts & Information Regarding the 911 Dwelling Fee: 

* The 911 Dwelling Fee fully funds the 911 Dispatch Center;

* All funds collected from the 911 fee are segregated into the 911 fund and are not  
   able to be used for any purpose except 911 operations;

* The 911 Dwelling Fee will not take effect until July 1, 2018 to ensure ample time
   for the public to plan and be prepared for the change;

 * The 911 Dwelling fee is $75 per Year per dwelling;

 * The current 911 landline fee of $33.48 has been repealed effective June 30, 2018; 

 * The 911 Dwelling Fee is not being used to pay for the new digital radio system for
    1st responders, the 911 Dwelling Fee provides the support for the operations of
    the 911 Dispatch Center;

 * Boone County is now consistent with Campbell and Kenton Counties. Campbell
    County has been a dwelling fee of $45 (currently being considered to move to $70)
    and Kenton County currently utilizes a parcel fee of $60. 

 *The 911 Dwelling Fee ensures funding for the 911 Dispatch Center while keeping
   County Government taxes very competitive within the region. 

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