Golf Carts on Approved County Roadways

Use of Golf Carts on Approved County Roadways

The Boone County Fiscal Court has enacted an ordinance to allow citizens to request the approval for the operation of golf carts on certain county roads as permitted by state statute (KRS 189.286).  In order to allow operation of Golf Carts on County Roadways, the County must adhere to the restrictions and provisions articulated by state law. In order to be approved for the operation of golf carts, communities must apply for the designation allowing for golf carts. This process is outlined on the website. Only after adopted by the Fiscal Court may the operation of golf carts be permitted.

Once approved as a designated county roadway, golf carts must meet all safety requirements contained within the state statute. To ensure safe usage, golf carts must be inspected by the County Sheriff's Department and issued a permit by the County. Once issued, a permit is valid for the life of the golf cart. A complete list of safety equipment is available on this website.

Please be aware that until a county roadway is designated for golf cart use and the golf cart has been issued a permit, it is not legal to operate a golf cart on ANY county roadway within unincorporated Boone County or on any state route. Please check with the city for roadways within incorporated city limits.It is also against county ordinance to operate a motorized vehicle on a sidewalk or multi-use pathway (except for handicap devices or children's toys).

For legal operation of a golf cart on a county roadway, the following 

steps must be completed:


The Roadway must have completed the approval process to be a 'Designated County Roadway" by the Boone County Fiscal Court. For Application for Designation of County Roadway for Golf Cart Operation, click here
2. The Golf Cart must be inspected by a certified inspector designated by the Boone County Sheriff's office and certified through the Department of Vehicle Regulation to ensure that the golf cart complies with the requirements of this section. The inspection fee under this paragraph shall be five dollars ($5.00) if the inspection occurs at the sheriff's inspection site and an additional ten dollars ($10.00) per trip charged if it becomes necessary for the certified inspector to travel to the site of the golf cart rather than having the golf cart brought to the sheriff's inspection site. The golf cart owner is responsible for printing and having the inspection form ready at the time of inspection. The Inspection Form and Permit Application are available by clicking here
3.  Be issued a permit to be placed on the bottom left of the golf cart windshield. Permits are issued at the Boone county Building Department on the third (3rd) floor of the Boone County Administration Building located at 2950 Washington Street in Burlington, KY. There is NO FEE for the issuance of the permit and the permit is valid for the life of the Cart. The Inspection form and Permit Application are available by clicking here.
4.  If the golf cart is ever sold, the Seller is responsible for completing a Transfer of Golf Cart Form at the Building Department for the permit to remain valid after transfer. 


Please note that in order to be operated on an approved County Roadway,
a golf cart shall:


Display a sticker or permit that identifies that the golf cart is allowed to be operated on specific roadways within the county;
2.  Display a slow-moving vehicle emblem in compliance with KRS 189.820;
3. Be insured in compliance with KRS 304.39-080 by the owner or operator, and the proof of insurance shall be inside the golf cart at all times of operation on a public roadway;
5. Be operated by a person with a valid operator's license in his or her possession
6.  Not cross any roadway at an intersection where the roadway being crossed has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five (35) miles per hour and does not cross any state route that has been prohibited by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet;
7. Be operated only on a designated county roadway approved by the Fiscal Court and listed in the Boone County Code of Ordinances. 




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