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Boone County PrepareAthon 
Moving from Awareness to Action 

Initiate your preparedness efforts and be ready to participate in the
Great Central U.S. Shakeout (Earthquake Drill) on October 15, 2020 at 10:15 a.m.

We encourage everyone to participate in PrepareAthon. This includes individuals, families, businesses, churches, government offices, schools … everyone!  During this PrepareAthon we ask that you commit to take actions to improve your preparedness. Maybe you will develop or refine your emergency plans, build a disaster supplies kit, or conduct emergency preparedness training.  The PrepareAthon will culminate with your participation in the Kentucky Statewide Tornado Drill in March.  The key is to take preparedness actions and use March as your target date to complete your efforts by fully participating in the Tornado Drill.  Join the Boone County PrepareAthon today!

Boone County is prepared when you are prepared.

PrepareAthon is designed to increase the number of citizens who:

  • Understand which disasters could happen;
  • Know what to do to be safe and limit damage;
  • Take action to increase their preparedness; and
  • Participate in emergency planning.

Join the movement to prepare.

PrepareAthon = Moving people to action: What will you do to be prepared?

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