Historic Preservation Review Board

Meet The Board Members

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Ms. Fox has been on the board since the mid-1990's and served as Chairperson from 2002 to 2012 and resumed Chairperson responsibilities in 2023.
She has been involved with the Friends of Big Bone for many years and currently serves as the board chair. She resides in Petersburg, KY, and taught high school English in Kenton County Public Schools for 27 years, and English composition classes at Gateway Community College in Boone County. She is currently teaching at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. She is married to Patrick Lense and is the mother of Jason Rehkamp.
"My personal life finds comfort in the outdoors. Hiking, biking, and recently, backpacking have enabled me to interact with nature and the historic landscape. Pat and I love the country around us, and are particularly intrigued by not only the land but by the people who once lived throughout western Boone County and the built environment they left us. We are environmentalists at heart, and hope that the natural beauty and history of Boone County can be preserved for generations to come."
Ms. Hoffmann was appointed to the board in 2013. 

My name is Lisa Hoffmann, I am married and have three wonderful sons and 3 grandchildren. I am a professional genealogist with a degree in Anthropology and minor in Ancient Civilizations with emphasis on Archaeology and Native American studies. 

I have a tremendous love and passion for preserving the past and bringing it to life to others.  Not only do I think it is important to keep our historic buildings and landmarks preserved, but it is also important to bring to life the people who lived there and what their daily lives were about.  Preserving our history is very important in helping future generations understand our past and the people that carved our country. It is a way that we can foster an appreciation for our local history and heritage and give a sense of pride in our county. Preserving the people and historic places of the past is a way to understand the culture and helps to develop a strong sense of who we really are and pride in our community where our ancestors lived, thrived and were resilient.

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As this is written I am 88 years old and retired.  In the last half-century or so and in my 23 years of retirement I have enjoyed another career of writing on historical matters and have served on four history-related boards as director, secretary, vice-president, president, or chairman of the board.  I have written any number of history related articles for magazines with national and international circulation.  I have also written three books on history related subjects on a professional basis (a total of over 5000 books sold).  All this easily rests upon a life-long interest in history and a true appreciation for those who have made history “come alive” for us.  
My professional life work included the role of technical writer for a large jet engine manufacturer, engineer, and manager of plant services for a large chemical plant including logistics, security, environmental liaison, and emergency response responsibility.  I mentioned “easily rests”, some of this was real work but made much easier when you are truly interested in the result.  I have also served as editor of other people’s work on historical subjects.  You see the word “I” quite often here, and so it must be to provide autobiography.  That said, it needs to be stated that this was certainly not a totally solo operation.  Certainly editors, and supervisors who hired me deserve credit for their knowledge, wise-input, and trust.  Among the many editors are Ken Ramage of Krause Publications, Sharon Cunningham of Dixie Gun Works and National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, Dave Brennon of Precision Shooting Magazine and certainly Bridget Striker, then with the Boone County Public Library.

Last, but far from least, I want to mention my wife, Carol who provided encouragement, moral support, and could wield her sometimes wicked grammatical school-teacher’s “blue pen” as my in-house editor.

Ms. Wingo was appointed to the board in 2007 and became the Chairperson in 2013. She is currently Vice-Chairperson of the Board. She has a degree in History from the University of Cincinnati and completed the Historic Preservation Certification Program at the University as well.

Early work in preservation included field work to complete the historic property survey forms for the Lee-Holman Historic District in Covington, Kentucky, which became listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996, and the Elizabeth Township Rural Historic District, Miami County, Ohio, which became listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. Additionally, Pat co-authored with Rita Walsh, The World War II Ordnance Department's Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) Industrial Facilities: Joliet Army Ammunition Plant, Transcripts of Oral History Interviews as part of the a project to establish the national historic context of seven ordnance installations on a state and local level.

Pat served as the Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Newport for three years and as the Economic Development Director there for five years, retaining supervision of the Historic Preservation Department and Main Street Program.  In 2004 she was appointed the City Coordinator of the City of Florence, a position she held until 2009.  Pat was appointed to fill one year of an unexpired term on Florence City Council in 2011 and returned to work at the City of Florence in 2018, focusing on the City’s Main Street and neighborhood revitalization efforts.   She retired from the City of Florence in 2020.  Pat was appointed to fill an unexpired term on Florence City Council in 2021 and in 2022 she was elected to Council.



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