Board Committees

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Executive (On Call)
The Executive Committee is composed of officers of the Boone County Planning Commission and is responsible for all functions and duties of the Planning Commission members and staff.
C. Rolfsen
K. Bunger K. Patton S. Turner
Administrative/Personnel (On Call)
The Administrative/Personnel Committee is charged with updating the Planning Commission's personnel policies and provides advice to the Director involving personnel matters. In addition, this committee also establishes different training programs for Staff and Planning Commission members.
S. Turner
M. Hicks J. Kegley R. Lunnemann B. Shipe
Airport (Quarterly)
The Airport Committee advises the members and staff of the Planning Commission regarding all Airport issues. This includes the update of the Airport's Master Plan, noise studies, land acquisition, and facility and road development. Periodically, written reports are made on behalf of this committee.
R. Bessler
S. Harper D. McMillian B. Shipe S. Turner
Enforcement (On Call)
The Enforcement Committee advises the staff on zoning and subdivision enforcement issues. Reports are made by the staff to this committee in order to monitor daily enforcement and administration of the zoning and subdivision regulations.
K. Bunger
L. Heilman M. Hicks D. McMillian K. Vaught
Long Range Planning/Comprehensive Plan (1st (6:00PM) & 3rd (6:30PM) Wednesday of the Month)
The Long Range Planning/Comp Plan Committee oversees the preparation and adoption of special studies, plans and the Boone County Comprehensive Plan Update.
B. Schwenke
G. Breetz M. Hicks J. Kegley K. Patton
Technical/Design Review (1st Wednesday of the Month @ 6:00PM)
The Technical / Design Review Committee provides advice to the staff on technical issues involving the zoning text and the subdivision regulations. This includes updating the Subdivision Regulations and any zoning text amendments. Furthermore, this committee reviews and takes action on architectural drawings as part of the Design Review process in the Houston-Donaldson Study.
L. Heilman
S. Harper R. Lunnemann B. Schwenke B. Shipe K. Vaught
Zone Change/Concept Plan (1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month @ 5:00PM)
The Zone Change/Concept Plan Committee reviews and offers a recommendation on all Zoning Map Amendment and Concept Development Plan requests.
G. Breetz K. Bunger J. Kegley K. Patton S. Turner
*R. Bessler *L. Heilman *M. Hicks *R. Lunnemann  
*Alternate board members
OKI Trustee
G. Breetz        
The dates, times, and locations are subject to change, but with advanced public notice. Committee meetings are also noted on Business Meeting Agendas.