2012 - 2013 Zoning Regulations

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2012 - 2013 Zoning Regulations
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(Adopted: December 2013)
Abstract pdficon small
Article 01 pdficon small
Purpose and Authority
Article 02 pdficon small
Article 03 pdficon small
Article 04 pdficon small
Enforcement and Permitting
Article 05 pdficon small
Provisions for Boone County
Zoning Map
Article 06 pdficon small
Agricultural Districts (A-1 & A-2)
Article 07 pdficon small
Recreation District (R)
Article 08 pdficon small
Conservation District (CONS)
Article 09 pdficon small
Residential Districts
(RSE, RS, SR-1, SR-2, & SR-3)
(UR-1, UR-2, UR-3, MHP, & R-1F)
Article 10 pdficon small
Commercial Districts
(C-1, C-2, C-3, & C-4)
Article 11 pdficon small
Employment Districts
(0-1, 0-2, O-1A, I-1, I-2, I-3, & I-4)
Article 12 pdficon small
Public Facilities District (PF)
Article 13 pdficon small
Airport District (A)
Article 15 pdficon small
Planned Development District (PD)
Article 16 pdficon small
Employment Planned Development District (EPD)
Residential Planned Development District (RPD)
Article 17 pdficon small
Houston-Donaldson Study
Corridor Overlay District (HDO)
Article 18 pdficon small
Parkway Corridor Study
Overlay District (PO)
Article 19 pdficon small
Land Use Study I-75/Turfway Road
Interchange Overlay District (TRO)
Article 20 pdficon small
Small Community
Overlay District (SC)
Article 21 pdficon small
Historic Landmark/Historic District
Overlay District (H)
Article 23 pdficon small
Florence Main Street
Zoning Study (FMS)
Article 24 pdficon small
Walton Downtown District (WD)
Article 25 pdficon small
Union Town Plan Districts
Article 26 pdficon small
Mall Road Overlay District (MR)
Article 30 pdficon small
Site Plan Review
Article 31 pdficon small
Supplemental Performance
Article 32 pdficon small
Transportation Management
Article 33 pdficon small
Off-street Parking
and Loading Facilities
Article 34 pdficon small
Article 35 pdficon small
Temporary Commercial Displays
Seasonal Temporary Commercial Displays
Temporary Storage Trailer Permits
Temporary Use Permits
Article 36 pdficon small
Article 40 pdficon small