Boone County Planning Commission

2008 Central Florence Strategic Plan

2008 Central Florence Strategic Plan pdficon small
(Adopted: October 2008)
Chapter 01 pdficon small
Initial Objectives of the Parkway Corridor Study
Vision Statement Objectives for the Update
Chapter 02 pdficon small
Business Inventory
Chapter 03 pdficon small
Inventory of Exisitng Studies
affecting the Parkway Corridor Study
Chapter 04 pdficon small
Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)
Chapter 05 pdficon small
Inventory of the Eight (8) Study Areas
Chapter 06 pdficon small
Plan Concepts
Chapter 07 pdficon small
Zoning Process
Chapter 08 pdficon small
Office, Commercial, and Industrial
Project Design Requirements
Chapter 09 pdficon small
Master Sign Districts
Chapter 10 pdficon small
Transportation Improvements


4 th

largest county



42 mi

of riverfront