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NKSWMA Technical Advisory Committee's Solid Waste Education Sub–Committee


Our goal is to teach proper solid waste management for protection of public health and the environment as well as present opportunities for students to get involved in their own communities.

We educate students about components of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Waste Management Options, which are to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, incinerate, and landfill our waste.

The basics that we cover include definitions, economics, public health, history, role of government, and cultural view

Priority is given to presenting discussions that are Northern Kentucky based, not crisis based. We discuss issues such as garbage collection available in Northern Kentucky as well as economic drivers. Our presentations are reflective of comprehensive waste management—reduction, reuse, recycling, landfills, & incineration (which is not permitted in KY), and litter prevention

Key Concepts for Solid Waste Education Program:

  1. Definition of solid waste; generation rate in our area.
  2. Solid waste is managed to protect public health.
  3. Mismanagement of solid waste results in cultural, physical, aesthetics, and economic consequences. Types of mismanagement include litter, illegal dumping, theft of services, and open burning.
  4. Old–fashioned dumps versus today’s landfills (RCRA 1976); government’s role
  5. Integrated waste management options—reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, incinerate, landfill
  6. How waste is managed in our area
  7. Modern landfill design

If you would like a presentation at your school, church, civic organization or business, please contact your local Solid Waste Coordinator or the NKSWMA.



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