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Northern Kentucky Solid Waste Management Area

Northern Kentucky counties host all types of environmental events and programs for your area. Contact your local County Solid Waste Coordinator for more information about these events! Our biggest event of the year is the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Event. To learn more about our HHW Collection Event, click here.

The NKSWMA is governed by the NKSWMA Governing Body, consisting of the Judge Executive and one Commissioner from each County. The Technical Advisory Committee, made up of several different organizations, offers advice and technical expertise to the NKSWMA. To get involved, click here.

We have evolved into a tight-knit organization with each counties working to cooperatively manage solid waste within their boundaries. Each county is held accountable for the activities it performs. Administrative duties, such as regional reporting, Solid Waste Plan compilation, and being the point of contact for the NKSWMA is held by the Boone County Solid Waste Services Supervisor.

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