United States Census 2020; Your Participation is Critical to the Future of Boone County

What is the Census?

Once a decade beginning in 1790, America comes together to participate in the decennial census, creating national awareness of the census and statistics. This census provides the basis for reapportioning Congressional seats, redistricting, and distributing billions of dollars in federal funding to support your state, county and community's vital programs.



Why should I take the Census?


  • Everyone counts: The census counts every person living in the United States once and in the right place.
  • It's about fair representation: Every 10 years, the results of the census are used to reapportion the House of Representatives, determining how many seats each state gets.
  • It's about redistricting: After each census, state officials use the results to redraw the boundaries of their congressional and state legislative districts, adapting to population shifts.
  • Your data is confidential: Federal law protects your census responses. Your answers can only be used to produce statistics. By law, The U.S. Census Bureau cannot share your information with immigration enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies, or allow it to be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits.
  • It means $675 billion: Census data determines how more than $675 billion are spent, supporting your state, county and community's viral programs.



How is the data taken from the Census used?


  • Local Government Officials use the census to ensure public safety and plan for new schools and hospitals.
  • Residents use the census to support community initiatives involving legislation, quality-of-life and consumer advocacy.
  • Real estate developers and city planners use the census to plan new homes and improve neighborhoods.
  • Businesses use Census Bureau data to decide where to build factories, offices, and stores.


For more informaton or to complete the census, visit https://2020census.gov/