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Boone County: Working Together, Standing United So That We Will Overcome

My Friends,

By now, everyone in our community has been aGary Moore St. E.ffected in one way or another by the Coronavirus pandemic. I often say that “Boone County is a great place to live, work, and raise a family,” and I still believe that to be true today, even during this difficult time. In fact, it’s times like this that highlight the strength of our community even more.

Although there was not a confirmed case of the coronavirus in Boone County at the time, I signed an Emergency Declaration on March 13th. I decided to activate the County’s Emergency Operations Plan to ensure a proactive response to the virus. This action has promoted cooperation between all levels of government and public health officials, as well as, made certain that our community had access to as many resources as possible. Although we face uncertain times, we can be confident that our preparation, swift action and openness have positioned us to weather any storm and effectively protect our citizens.

Please rest assured that your County government has been working around the clock to combat the current pandemic while continuing to deliver essential services to the community. Since the Emergency Declaration, I have been in constant communication with public health officials, the County’s emergency management team, and leaders across the Northern Kentucky region. Each day I participate in a regional emergency management conference call that is led by the NKY Health Department. This call includes other county judges/executive, county leadership, healthcare providers, and county emergency management directors.  The level of cooperation and professionalism we see each day is a testament to the dedication of public servants at all levels.

I am also in constant communication with our local Boone County emergency team. I want to thank the mayors, emergency management, law enforcement officers and fire service leaders for all of their efforts as we coordinate the response. I would also like to express my gratitude to every county employee for their dedication and commitment. Residents should remain calm and be confident that County government will be doing everything within its power to keep the community safe and functioning during the days ahead.

We now have confirmed cases andthese are indeed trying times. Rest assured that dawn will follow the darkness and that we will get through this trying time together. I have been humbled to see neighbors helping neighbors, families coming together and the community providing comfort and support to each other. Faith and commitment to one another will triumph over the challenges and fear and build an even better Boone County. It’s an honor to serve as your Judge/Executive and as always, I commit to give you my best.

I urge all residents to continue to take appropriate steps to protect their own health and the health of their neighbors by following the guidelines available from the NKY Health Department. Please utilize the KentuckyCOVID-19 Hotline at 1 (800) 722-5725 and visit these websites for up to date information:,  and Take care of yourself and each other.

 God Bless,
Judge Sig Blue



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