Opening Burning Ban is Now in Enacted

US Department of Agriculture Drought Monitor report indicuates Boone County is abnormally dry, Judge/Executive Gary Moore has issued an Open Burn Ban in Boone County KY at this time and until further notice. Please call 859-334-2279 for any questions.

Executive Order
County of Boone
Office of The Judge/ Executive
Gary W. Boone
Executive Order:  2019-07

IN RE: Open Burning Ban 

WHEREAS, The U.S. Department of Agriculture Drought Monitor report indicates Boone County is abnormally dry; and

WHEREAS, KRS 149.401 and the Boone County Code of Ordinances Section 94.01 authorize the County Judge/Executive to enact a ban on open burning when he determines that a major fire hazard exists; and

WHEREAS, the County Judge/Executive has determined based on advice from the Boone County Emergency Management Department and the Boone County Fire Chiefs Association that an increased fire hazard exists; and

WHEREAS, a ban on open burning would serve to protect the health, safety, welfare and property of the citizens of Boone County.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Gary W. Moore, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Judge/Executive of the County of Boone, Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby order as follows:

It is ordered that all outdoor burning is prohibited until such time as conditions exist that in the opinion of the Judge/Executive warrant that this order be rescinded.

  1. The following exceptions shall apply to the ban on outdoor burning:
  2. Fires lit and maintained in a grill for the purpose of food preparation.
  3. Bonfires or ceremonial campfires of no more than five feet by five feet in size may be conducted by organized and recognized community, charitable or religious groups provided that the local fire department is notified. Such fires shall be set in an area at least 50 feet from any adjacent structure or wooded area. The fire shall consist of clean wood only and shall not be used for the disposal of solid waste. The fire shall be monitored at all times by members of the responsible group with means of extinguishment such as charged garden hose or buckets of water readily available until the fire is completely extinguished.
  4. The use of legal fireworks in accordance with all applicable statutes and ordinances.
  5. Fires initiated and controlled by professional fire service district personnel for purposes of training exercises.

The provisions of the Executive Order shall be enforced by all sworn peace officers with jurisdiction in Boone County, Kentucky