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Judge/Executive Gary Moore Appoints Justin Crigler as Boone County Clerk

Judge/Executive Gary Moore has appointed Justin Crigler as County Clerk to fill the vacancy resulting from the death of former County Clerk Kenny Brown.

Justin obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University in 1999 and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Warner University. His professional experience includes several roles that make him very familiar with the County Clerk’s office. He has served as the Senior Title Examiner for Court Street USA, Director of Acquisitions at North American Tax Solutions, and Tax Administrator for the Boone County Attorney’s office.

 “With Justin’s deep understanding and vast experience of the Clerk’s office, Boone County will be served well with him as County Clerk,” said Judge/Executive Gary Moore. “After speaking with many qualified individuals and the County Clerk staff, I knew Justin was the right selection.”

 The appointment of Justin Crigler will become effective immediately and he will serve until a successor is elected to serve out the remaining term of office. A Special Election will be held in conjunction with the General Election on November 5, 2019. Each political party will nominate a candidate for the Special Election and the winner of that race will serve the remainder of the term ending January 9, 2023.  (NOTE: Justin is currently his political party’s nominee and he will be on the ballot this fall.

 Justin and his family reside in Hebron, KY.




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