Boone County Newsletter: YOUR BOONE COUNTY

Boone County Prepares for Future by Engaging Community Members Like Never Before 

The way Boone County residents receive news is getting an upgrade. Starting on December 1, Boone County, Boone County Public Library (BCPL), and Boone County School District (BCS) will use innovative technology to reach citizens more effectively and on a more personal, engaging level.

 “Amazing things are happening all around you here in Boone County,” said Boone County Judge Executive Gary W. Moore. “This collaboration between our county government, our schools, and our libraries will create a centralized tool to help you to be informed. Whether you want to receive information about soccer sign-ups, park concerts, county fair dates, or updates on County transportation projects, you will find it here. This centralized way of getting the information you may want is one more step in our attempt to make Boone County a great place to live, work, and raise our families,” .

The newly created Your Boone County is utilizing Cincinnati based engagement software company, Cerkl, to collaborate across all three county organizations. o_1502476888-2432
Community members will be empowered to select content and topics (i.e. events, education, infrastructure needs, heroin/opioid crisis, emergency alerts, and community success stories) they care about. 

“The Boone County School District is excited to be entering a collaborative partnership with the county and the public library for personalized news content for our community,”  shared Boone County School District Superintendent Randy Poe. “We envision using Cerkl as a tool to share the great things going on in our schools with the residents of Boone County.  This is an innovative delivery method that allows readers to customize content regarding the issues that interest and impact them the most.” 

Based on your interests, residents will receive an individualized newsletter filled with need to know info from the county, schools, and/or library. 

“We level the playing field for any size city or organization who want to engage their audience,” Tarek Kamil, Cerkl founder said. “Through behavioral analytics we can fuel personalization that gets the right message to the right person at the right time.” 

This unique collaboration aims to bring Boone County together by providing a platform to celebrate success and urge for continued growth in the community. 

Boone County Public Library Director, Carrie Herrmann stated, “[We are] excited by this opportunity to collaborate with Boone County and Boone County Schools.  By combining our newsletters into one source for information we will be better able to share with residents the wonderful programs, news and opportunities happening around Boone County.  Working together allows us to achieve more than we ever could individually.” 

To start receiving news from Your Boone County, visit