NKYADD to Provide Transition Services for Seniors

Northern Kentucky Area Development District transitions services provided by Senior Services of Northern Kentucky

On Monday, October 19, the Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD), city and county officials, and other community partners, were notified by Senior Services of Northern Kentucky (SSNK) that SSNK was ceasing operations on Friday, October 23. SSNK explained that their operational losses could not be overcome. Despite offers of financial assistance, SSNK stated that this decision was final.

Immediately following this announcement, NKADD staff met with the Judges/Executive and Mayors present to prepare a transition plan for the four core services provided to the region by SSNK: Senior Center Operations, Nutrition (Home Delivered and Congregate Meals), Ombudsman and Title III Transportation. NKADD has been assisted by numerous community partners during this process.

All parties involved are working to assure that all services will continue to be provided to clients. Toward that end, the following plan will be implemented on Monday, October 26.

The 155 clients for home-delivered meals previously served by SSNK are being transitioned to other providers. Wesley Community Services and MOMs Meals have agreed to take on these additional clients beginning Monday. Wesley and MOMs Meals already provide home delivered meals to over 500 clients in Northern Kentucky.

The current Senior Center Managers in the region have been offered interim contracts with NKADD to continue their work, and many have already accepted these offers. In all cases, we are working with the cities and counties toward the goal of keeping these centers open. These efforts will continue as we work toward a long term solution.

The Ombudsman program for advocacy in nursing homes will continue. The individual who managed this program for SSNK will be employed by NKADD.

SSNK transportation services are more diverse and under the umbrella of numerous organizations. For NKADD Title III clients, we are working on a potential transition to current home care agency providers. LKLP (606.743.2379) operates the Medicaid Brokerage contract for the eight Northern Kentucky counties. We have been informed by SSNK that they are working with LKLP to continue these services. Agencies such as BAWAC, New Perceptions, Redwood and others are also working to ensure their SSNK-served clients will have transportation to their respective programs and workshops. At this time, TANK will continue to provide services to existing RAMP clients who are eligible under ADA. TANK may provide temporary gap coverage as more data becomes available from SSNK. Future transportation needs that are non-Medicaid are being directed to the NKADD Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (859.692.2480) so they can be referred to appropriate agencies and resources. As transportation needs are ongoing and often not regularly scheduled, this will be an area that will continue to develop through the transition process.

We continue to work closely with our city and county officials, state and other community partners on this transition plan.

Please feel free to contact Lisa Cooper or Anne Wildman at 859.283.1885,

lisa.cooper@nkadd.org or anne.wildman@nkadd.org with questions.