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                                       MICHAEL A. HELMIG, SHERIFF

                                          Boone County Sheriff
                                      Application Instructions

     Thank you for your interest in the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.  I hope you have a positive experience during the application and testing process.  A career in law enforcement can be a very satisfying and self-fulfilling profession.

Hundreds of applicants apply for positions within the Boone County Sheriff’s Department each year and only a few are selected.  Your application is the first step towards meeting your goal and our first impression of you and your qualifications.  Please carefully review all instructions contained within the application and fill out each question as thoroughly and completely as possible.  Once you have completed the application please return it to us along with a copy of the following documents

  • High School Diploma
  • Social Security Card
  • College Transcripts if you attended any post-secondary educational institution.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Recent Photo of yourself (within six months)
  • Kentucky Police Officer Professional Standards Certificate (P.O.P.S) if applying as a lateral transfer. *If under contract from another agency your application will not be considered.

The Boone County Sheriff's Department policy prohibits intentional body modifications that are visible on the face, head, neck, hands, or fingers, other than a single tattoo of a wedding ring.  Intentional body modifications include, but are not limited to, tattoos, scarifications, mutilations and/or piercings.
  Any other intentional body modifications that may be visible to the public must be covered, while on-duty or during outside employment that is an extension of the Sheriff service, by the department authorized clothing, sleeve, patch or make-up.

Good luck, and once again thank you for considering the Boone County Sheriff’s Department as you strive to achieve a career in law enforcement.

Michael A. Helmig
Boone County Sheriff

Address:  3000 Conrad Lane
                  Burlington, Ky  41005

BCSO Application

BCSO Questionnaire

P.O. Box 198  Burlington, Kentucky 41005
859/334-2175  FAX 859/334-2234
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