Mission Statement

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The purpose of the Boone County Jail and Work Camp is to protect the community by securely holding persons who are determined by the courts to pose a threat to public safety. It is the ethical and legal obligation of the Boone County Jailer and his deputies to provide a safe, sanitary and secure place of incarceration.

We recognize, in the case of sentenced prisoners, they are being punished for their crimes through their confinement. However, we strive to give every prisoner the opportunity to rehabilitate himself. It is our goal to return inmates to society in better condition physically and emotionally than when they were committed to our custody. However, the decision of rehabilitation is a personal decision that can only be made by each individual inmate.

The Boone County Jailer and his deputies strive to make the jail a community institution, which is economically self-sufficient and provides needed service to the Boone County community through inmate labor.