Jason Maydak, Jailer

Boone County Jail Food Service

The Boone County Jail Food Service Program is unique in the state of Kentucky.  Sgt. Immegart operates the two respective locations with the aide of inmates.  The Boone County Jail produces over 525,000 meals each year. By cooking 95% of the food from scratch the jail saves money and inmates learn a trade skill they can use upon release. Inmates are allowed to practice their new skills by participating each year at our local county fair.

The men incarcerated at the Boone County Jail Workcamp also aide in keeping the food cost low by growing a garden every year. The bounty of fresh vegetables are used at both the workcamp and the main jail. We take pride in our food service operation. The cost saving program we have developed is beneficial to both the jail and the taxpayer.

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