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Boone County Dog Park


A paws-itively exciting place to visit!

The Boone County Dog Park is located adjacent to England-Idlewild Park at 5550 Idlewild Road, Burlington, KY 41005.

Directions: From I-75 take the Florence-Burlington exit onto Route 18 and go west for five miles to the 4-way stop in front of the old Boone County Courthouse in Burlington. Turn right onto Idlewild Road and travel 1 ¼ miles to the park entrance on the right. The dog park is just past the Boone County Fair Grounds.

Why do we have a dog park?

A dog park establishes a specific and secure area for people to let their dogs run legally off-leash, giving the dogs enjoyable and healthful exercise.

Nearly half of the dogs received at the Boone County Animal Shelter are surrendered by their owners and one of the leading reasons is behavioral problems. Today there are more families where both partners work, more single parent families and more small yard (or no yard) residences. As a result, many dogs fail to receive the physical exercise they need because of time restrictions and space limitations.

Unreleased, pent-up canine energy is the number one ingredient in the recipe for dog behavior problems. Loneliness is the second ingredient.

walkdog eA tired dog is a happy dog 

Dog experts have long counseled that a tired dog is a happy dog, and a tired, happy dog is far less likely to get into trouble at home. A dog park gives animals a chance to let off steam. It provides a spacious area for dogs to play and be socialized with people, as well as with other animals.

A dog park also gives owners who are too tired after a hard workday to take their dogs on a long walk or who have physical limitations that make walking their dogs difficult, a way of providing their dogs with proper exercise, as well as a fun romp.

Site description

The four-acre park has two one and one half acre sections for small dogs, two one-acre sections for large dogs, and is securely fenced with a double gate entry system to allow safe entrance/exits and keep other dogs from slipping out. Each section has a shelter and benches. There are also water fountains for pooches and people alike, and a paved parking area. To see a map of the facility, click HERE.

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