Solid Waste Enforcement

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Illegal Garbage Dumping.

Okay, it sounds funny. Go ahead and giggle for a second. Done? Good, because illegal garbage dumping isn't very funny at all.

Illegal dumping happens when people opt to put their garbage someplace it doesn't belong-often, they dump it on the side of the road.

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Check out these photos of actual dumps in Boone County:


KY<These bags of household trash were dumped along KY18                              These tires were dumped at the end of Bender Road >                               bender
hebron<This dump is construction debris near a newly constructed home in HebronThis couch was dumped on KY 14> KY
subdivision<Here is a bunch of refuse in a new subdivisionThis is a home in Verona with garbage overflowing into the yard> verona


In 2005, Boone County and the cities of Florence and Walton (just Boone County, not the State of Kentucky or the cities) spent more than $245,000 cleaning up litter and dumps.


Digging through dumped garbage bags is just part of the glamorous job of Solid Waste Management. In this particular dump, Mary found letters that were used as evidence to take the responsible party to court.