Prescription Drugs

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Properly Dispose of Prescription Drugs!

The Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force has placed drop–off boxes in several places in Northern Kentucky. It is a free a service and a great way to keep the harmful components out of our landfills and water.

Drop-Off Sites:

1. Boone County Sheriff's Office 7.   Edgewood Police Department
2. Florence Police Department 8.   Park Hills Police Department
3. Kenton County Police Department 9.   Ft. Thomas Police Department
4. Bellevue Police Department 10. Newport Police Department
5. Campbell Co. Police Department 11. Heighland Heights Police Department
6. Erlanger Police Department  12. Silver Grove Police Department

Why is proper drug disposal necessary?

  • Protects our waters from contamination
  • Prevents inadvertent exposure of humans and wildlife to prescription medications due to improper disposal
    The U.S Fish & Wildlife Service has reported that some prescription hormone therapies have been found to affect the reproductive organs of fish
  • Prevent intentional or unintentional misuse
  • Prescription drug abuse is increasing among teens and young adults 
  • Prescription drugs are relatively easy to obtain from friends or relatives 
  • Prescription drugs are relatively easy to obtain from friends or relatives