Our Job

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Boone County Solid Waste Management Commitments


  • We build our concern for the environment into everything we do. We are committed to preservation and conservation through education, innovation, teamwork and community involvement.
  • We promote and practice sound solid waste management for protection of the environment and of public health.


  • We strive for quality and continuous improvement.
  • We act with integrity, honesty, and a sense of ethics.
  • We are accurate, timely, and consistent.

Partnership and Service:

  • We work in partnership with our internal and external customers to ensure integration.
  • We are committed to problem solving that meets the interests of all parties.


  • We foster an environment that encourages personal responsibility, initiative, innovation, and diverse perspectives.
  • We listen actively and communicate openly and honestly.

Through acceptance of these responsibilities, we strive to deliver more than we promise and earn the trust and support of the people of Boone County.

Solid Waste Responsibilities:

  • Implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plan;
  • Diversion of wastes from the landfill to other, environmentally sound technologies (such as recycling, composting, waste reduction, etc.);
  • Enforcement of Solid Waste Management Ordinances and Statutes;
  • Recycling Programs & Procurement Policies of Recycled Content Materials;
  • Information Management;
  • Special Projects such as Community Cleanups, HHW days, Litter Mgt., Civic Pride, Earth Day, etc.;
  • Permitting of Solid Waste Management Facilities and Haulers;
  • Planning & Policy Formations Implementation (General Public, Schools, Businesses & Other Agencies);
  • Waste Prevention.