Litterbug Spotters

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Want to do something to annoy litterbugs?

It's only fair, as litterbugs annoy us every day.

The Litterbug Spotter Program is one branch of the Boone County Pride Posse, a coalition of local residents and county authorities that is dedicated to stopping litter in our communities. Spearheaded by concerned citizens in our community, the Litterbug Spotters are trusted and trained to notice and report litterbugs.

When they witness people in Boone County litter out of a vehicle, they safely make note of the license plate number, vehicle description, which occupant in the car littered, the date and the time. The Litterbug Spotters then call or email Boone County Solid Waste with the information, and the litterbug is sent a letter explaining the illegality and thoughtlessness of their action.

Unfortunately, only a Sheriff Deputy who witnesses a littering incident can issue a citation. However, we are able to get the message out to those who are trashing our County and let them know that Boone County residents will NOT tolerate disrespect to our neighborhoods.

Krebs Brothers Services of Florence had committed to keeping out county clean by signing all of their employees up to be Litterbug Spotters and working hard to improve the views in Boone. Yay for them!

If you would like to get involved, please call or email Boone County Solid Waste and make sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address. We can be reached by phone at (859) 334-3151 and by email at

Businesses and other entities that commit 100% of their employees to the Spotter Program will be featured in the Boone County Recorder and the Boone County Solid Waste webpage.