Hazardous Waste In Your Home

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Household Hazardous Waste?

Certain household products contain hazardous chemicals. Generally, a substance is considered hazardous if it can catch fire, react or explode when mixed with other substances, or is corrosive or toxic. Have some hazardous substances terminology:

Corrosive - a chemical, or its vapors, that can cause deterioration or irreversible alteration in body tissues at the site of contact, and deteriorate or wear away the surface of a material.

Flammable - can be ignited under almost all temperature conditions.

Irritant - causes soreness or inflammation of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes or respiratory system. Household hazardous products and their containers need to be properly disposed to minimize potential contamination of groundwater supplies. Kentucky 's groundwater serves as the drinking water resource for 85 percent of the state's rural population.

Toxic - may cause injury or death upon ingestion, absorption or inhalation

The best disposal method for products is to use it as intended on the label. Be sure to use up the product or find someone who can use it up!

Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) in Landfills:

To protect groundwater resources, Kentucky enacted stringent design standards for all contained landfills operating after July 1, 1995. Designs include impermeable clay liners, leachate collection systems and groundwater monitoring systems. Since all operating landfills meet these stringent standards, household hazardous waste can be disposed with other household garbage. However, household hazardous waste products should be recycled whenever possible and some wastes require special handling before disposal.

If you can't use up the material, click on the following topics to learn about options for disposal and recycling on these products. Safer substitutes are also provided:

Automotive Products 
Household Products 
Paint Products 

Still concerned about HHW? 
Environmental Enterprises will accept household hazardous waste for a nominal fee. Please call their office in Cincinnati at 513-541-1823 for receiving hours and prices.

Boone County is a member of the 
Northern Kentucky Household Hazardous Waste Coalition.