Green Games

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Litter-Free Recycling Events

The Boone County Green Games is a litter-free recycling event program. Boone County Solid Waste donates up to $1,000 to each non-profit organization that participates. In order to host a Green Games event, a litter-free recycling class must be held beforehand. Please contact Megan Clere at 859-334-3151 to arrange this class.

These applications will be reviewed and approved by Boone County Solid Waste. Please remember that each organization is permitted one Green Games event per fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th) and is first come, first serve. The organization that is able to apply must be a federally-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you are not a 501(c)3, you can apply to be one here.

To apply, download the application here and email it to Megan Clere or mail to Boone County Solid Waste:
          Boone County Solid Waste
          c/o Megan Clere
          5645 Idlewild Road
          Burlington, KY 41005

To download and review the group packet, click here. To download and print additional waiver ("Release of Liability") forms, click here.

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