Everyday Recyclables

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Drop–off Recycle Program:

We have 26 sites where you can bring your everyday household recyclables. Best part it is FREE and Easy! All we ask from you is to PLEASE keep the surrounding grounds at these locations Litter–Free.

Drop–off Sites:

  1.     Belleview/McVille Fire Station, 6900 McVille Rd.
  2.     Burlington: Corner of Maplewood & Idlewild RD. (next to Fairgrounds)
  3.     Burlington: Extension Parking next to Burger King (Burlington Pike)
  4.     Burlington- IHM, Burlington Pike     (PAPER ONLY)
  5.     Burlington:  Boone County Bus Garage, 5505 N Bend Rd
  6.     Burlington:  Skilcraft, 5184 Limaburg Rd
  7.     Bullitsville Church,  3094 Petersburg Rd
  8.     Erlanger: ST. Henry High School, 3755 Scheben Dr.
  9.     Erlanger: Point Pleasant Fire Dept. 3444 Turfway Road 
  10.     Erlanger: Mary Queen of Heaven,  1150 Donaldson Hwy   (PAPER ONLY)
  11.     Florence: Boone County High, 7056 Burlington Pike
  12.     Florence: Oakbrook Park, 9905 Oakbrook Drive 
  13.     Florence: Eagle Financing Parking, 7791 Dixie Hwy / Corner of Mandalay
  14.     Florence – United Methodist Church, (Boone Aire Rd.)
  15.     Florence:  Boone Links 19 Clubhouse Dr
  16.     Florence:  Sims, 7791 Dixie Hwy
  17.     Florence: Ace Hardware, 8515 US 42
  18.     Hebron:  Ace Hardware,  3545 N Bend Rd
  19.     Hebron:  Arronco, 5578 Limaburg Rd
  20.     Hebron: Conner High School,  Cougar Path
  21.     Hebron: North Pointe Elementary, 875 N. Blvd
  22.     Hebron:  Monoprice, 2055 Global Way  
  23.     Petersburg Community Center, 6517 Market St.
  24.     Union Pool, 10165 Old Union Road
  25.     Walton Fire Dept. 12600 Towne Center Drive
  26.     Verona Fire Station - 14924 Walton Verona Rd.


What can be recycled?

  • Aluminum & Metal Cans (tin): Food and Beverage containers only, including metal caps or lids.
  • Cardboard: (Note: corrugated has ridges and furrows) Remove wax liners and all other debris and flatten. Please Dry, Clean cardboard only.
  • Glass: Beverage and Food containers Only: Remove lid and rinse before recycling.
  • Mixed Paper: Cardboard boxes: cereal, tissue boxes, toilet & paper towel rolls White, folders, includes junk mail, office paper, magazines, phone books, envelopes, newspaper, etc.  Clean & dry only. Please remove any plastic wrap on phonebooks and magazines
  • Plastics: All plastics with a spout – such as laundry detergent bottles, water bottles, coke bottles, shampoo bottles; Anything with a smaller opening than the bottle. 
    No butter tubs, yogurt containers, etc.

(No need to remove labels on your recyclables, just rinse off the plastics, glass and cans)