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Recycling in the Classroom

Let's all learn together! Topics can include recycling, composting, decomposers, vermicomposting, littering, and more. If you have a specific topic, please let us know - we are flexible. Please fill out the form below to get started.

Please contact Megan Clere
at 859-334-3151 if you have any questions.

Waste in Place Activities

Litter Prevention
Learn about littering and its effects to the local, regional, and global environment.

Beautification & Community Greening
Focus on the natural world around us and what resources we have available.

Managing Waste
Dive into waste and learn what happens to it after you toss it out.

Source Reduction
Help keep waste levels low by learning simple ways to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot.

Explore the world of MRFs, Recycling Centers, and our own backyards.

Learn how a landfill works and how they work to be sustainable.

Click here to view Waste in Place activities by age levels and subjects. Not seeing one you like? Let us know what you are looking for in the form below.