Cell Phones

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Don't Throw Them Out!

It's hard to believe that someone would actually want that dinosaur of a cell phone that's taking up space in your junk drawer but there are a ton of ways to keep the hazardous materials in them from going to the landfill. Trust us. Don't throw that wireless phone away. They contain significant percentages of junk like lead, nickel, zinc, mercury, cadmium and beryllium. Oh yeah. They're gross.

Several groups recycle and reuse old cell phones. While all of them remove the cell phones from landfills, some are super awesome and use them to charitable ends.

Where to Go

This is where I'd go:

The Women's Crisis Center in Florence takes old cell phones and reuses them to help women who are at risk. Not only is this a local program, it's one that helps women AND?get this?the Crisis Center will also give you a $25 tax credit for your donation.

Women's Crisis Center 
240 Main Street 
Florence, KY 41042 
Business phone: (859) 647-2388 
Fax: (859) 372-3575 
Crisis line: (859) 647-2388 (day) or (859) 491-3335 (night)

All of these locations in Boone County accept old cell phones and either reuse or recycle them:

Ameritech Cellular Center 
7911 Mall Rd 
Florence, KY 41042-1409

B&W Supply Inc 
6702 Dixie Hwy 
Florence, KY 41042-2108

Best Buy 
100 Meijer Dr 
Florence, KY 41042-4898 
(Accepts rechargeable batteries only!)

Cincinnati Bell Wireless Florence Mall 
2028 Mall Rd 
Florence, KY 41042 

Home Depot - Department 25 
99 Spiral Dr 
Florence, KY 41042-4856

4800 Houston Rd 
Florence, KY 41042

Office Depot, Inc. 
6825 Burlington Pike 
Florence, KY 41042-1616

Pete's PhotoWorld, Inc. 
7836 Connector Dr
Florence, KY 41042-1435

1040 Hansel Dr 
Florence, KY 41042-4867

2004 Florence Mall 
Florence, KY 41042-1443

Sprint Suite 30
7622 Mall Road 
Florence, KY 41042 

7659 Mall Rd
Florence, KY 41042 (Accepts rechargeable batteries only!)

1100 Hansel Dr 
Florence, KY 41042-4869

Verizon Wireless 
7688 Mall Rd 
Florence, KY 41042-1404

Check It Out

These are the programs involved in cell phone recycling and reuse:

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association is an organization that collects and recycles cell phones.  See their website atwww.recyclewirelessphones.org.

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation has its own program for recycling - see what they're up to at www.call2recycle.org.

Earth 911 tells it like it is.  See why cell recycling is important at http://www.earth911.org/master.asp?s=lib&a=electronics/cell_index.asp and learn about all of their programs at www.cleanup.org.

EcoPhones collects cell phones and even has a fundraising program for private groups.  Learn more at www.ecophones.org.

The Wireless Foundation is involved in several programs, including Sprint Project ConnectSM, a program that helps people with disabilities. Seewww.wirelessfoundation.org to get involved.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Chapman at (859) 334-3151 or at kchapman@boonecountyky.org