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CD Kaylee

Old CDs.

There's a bunch of these things. Some are still functional, some not so desirable, and some are skipping, worthless pieces of plastic. We've got ideas for the rainbow of unwanted CDs in your life.

If they still work:

    • Sell Them. You may have outgrown Ace of Bass or Mariah Carey, but, scary as it sounds, there are people out there who will pay money for them. Media Play in Florence will examine your CDs and buy several of them back from you. Phil's Records in Latonia will examine your CDs and buy several of them back from you. Call them at 431-7774. You could also try or for your reselling needs."
    • Donate them. Institutions such as Goodwill are always accepting donations of unwanted items, including CDs. Call the Florence Goodwill for details at 371-1238.

If they're still in one piece:

    • Get crafty.
    • You can tack a zillion of them to a wall or ceiling for a crazy disco-effect.
    • You can use them as reflectors on your mailbox.
    • Set candles on them, shiny-side-up, for psychedelic votives.
    • Melt them into bowls (place in oven on low heat over a metal bowl shape, or heat with a blow dryer).
    • Tack them together to make fun curtains.
    • Go nuts.

If there's no hope:

Recycle them. MRC Polymers will recycle CDs, DVDs and jewel cases. Make it happen:

Mail them to:

MRC Polymers
c/o DADC Recycling Program 
3307 South Lawndale Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60623

    • Send them the cheapest way possible with no packing materials.
    • Separate CDs from DVDs.
    • Remove paper from jewel cases, recycle the paper here in town.
    • Stickers are okay as long as they are paper without metal backing.

Contact Roy Peabody at (773) 890-9000 for more info.

Got any other ideas? Let us know at