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Quit the Littering!

We need Boone County's future leaders help! Boone County Solid Waste needs all K-5 students to create a calendar with anti-litter drawings and slogans to help spread the word about not littering.

Litter topics

Litter is expensive. Each year…

  • Around $250,000 of our local tax dollars are spent cleaning up litter in Boone County
  • Around $9 million of our taxes are spent cleaning up litter across Kentucky
  • Countless hours and supplies have to be donated by volunteers who work to help keep our communities clean
  • The estimated cost of litter pickup is 30 cents per piece of litter
  • One mile of highway contains approximately 16,000 pieces of litter – that’s almost $5,000 of work!

Litter has a HUGE impact.

  • Litter reduces property values – heavily-littered neighborhoods experience more vandalism, other crimes, and (you guessed it!) more litter
  • Tobacco products (cigarette butts, cigars, filters, etc.) make up around 32% of existing litter
  • A tossed cigarette butt will take up to 12 years to break down, while leaking heavy materials (cadmium, lead, arsenic, etc.) into our soil and waterways
  • One of our biggest problems are unsecured loads in the back of trucks

So… What can I do? There are a few things that can help our case of the litter. Here are some easy ones:

  • Talk with friends, parents, and anyone who will listen about littering and its effects
  • Secure loads and remove any loose trash
  • Never throw a cigarette butt on the ground – use a cup instead!
  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood – if you don’t, who will?
  • Don’t throw food out the car window – animals are attracted to the scent and usually end up as roadkill or cause accidents

Contest Rules

  1. The contest is open to Boone County children between the ages 5 and 12.
  2. Drawing size should be 8.5"x11", designed in a landscape format. Only black and white line drawings in black ink are permitted.
  3. Images in the submission must be original artwork; no tracing.
  4. Students are invited to create an anti-litter slogan, but it is to be written on the entry form, not the drawing.
  5. No computer-generated or copyrighted material is allowed.
  6. Entries are limited to one (1) per student.
  7. All entries will become the property of Boone County Solid Waste.
  8. Each student should contemplate the litter topics provided and create a creative and original concept based on the facts they learn and their own ideas.
  9. A completed entry form must be attached to the back of each entry.
  10. Entries will be judged within respective grade levels. Two entries from each grade will be chosen for each of the twelve months and the most striking or outstanding entry will be selected for the cover.
  11. The entries must be delivered by hand to Boone County Public Works (5645 Idlewild Road, Burlington, KY 41005), emailed to Megan Clere at, or submitted in the form below.
  12. Arrangements can be made for pickup of entries by contacting Megan Clere at 859-334-3151.


All winners will receive swag from Boone County Solid Waste and a $25 giftcard to a media store!

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for creativity of anti-littering message, overall visual appeal of message and page as a whole (keep in mind it will be a coloring page!), overall concept and demonstration of prompt, and the clarity of artwork and simplicity of design.

Quit the Littering! Calendar Contest

Don't forget to attach your entry form! We appreciate your dedication to anti-littering. 

Deadline extended to October 30th, 2020.

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