Snow Information

Snow Information

The Department of Public Works is responsible for snow and ice control on County roads with the Division of Public Services performing the bulk of winter weather preparedness.

Our Policy

Each year as new streets are built, the snow routes are revised and more resources are needed to treat the roads in a timely manner. Streets are ranked on a priority list from one, or most urgent to three, least urgent. There are four hundred and twenty-five miles of road to be treated with thirty trucks. We must travel 1500 to 2000 miles to cover these roads and average about four to six hours to treat each inch of snow. Plowing takes a considerably longer time because of the precision and caution that must be taken to safely move the snow. Salt is the primary material that we use to treat the roads though in very rare situations we use a sand-salt mix. We treat all of the county roads while the City of Florence and City of Walton and State treat their designated roads.

Snow Emergencies

From Boone County's Snow Emergency Policy:

A Snow Emergency may be declared by the Boone County Judge-Executive directly or through the Boone County Emergency Management Office after consultation between the Boone County Emergency Management Office, the Boone County Public Works Department and the Boone County Sheriff Department.

Snow Emergencies shall be defined at one of the following levels:

Level One: Motorists are advised to use caution due to hazardous road conditions resulting from accumulations of snow and/or ice.

Level Two: Road conditions are extremely hazardous due to snow and/or ice and essential travel only is advised.

Level Three: Road conditions are extremely dangerous and travel is restricted to the following purposes: Public safety and emergency personnel travel; Travel to and from work if required by your employer; Travel for medical purposes or to obtain necessary provisions. Travel for any other purposes is considered to be nonessential and violations will be enforced by law enforcement personnel.

At any time a snow emergency is declared at any level and snow amounts exceed two (2) inches, all vehicles must be removed from streets, roads and right-of-ways. Vehicles not moved are subject to ticketing or being towed. 

Impediments to Timely Service

There are situations that slow down our response time such as are parked cars in the cul-de-sacs (though we have a county ordinance that deals with this problem), construction areas, and accidents. The more traffic on these roads, the higher chances are for accidents.

During snow emergencies where snowfall is two inches or greater, it is required that vehicles parked on the street be moved from the street to allow trucks to safely and effectively treat and/or plow the streets."

Who Plows What

It's important to understand which entity is responsible for salting and plowing each road. The State of Kentucky Department of Transportation covers all Interstates and state roads, such as KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road and Hathaway Road). The cities of Florence and Walton are responsible for all roads within their jurisdictions. Boone County Public Works is responsible for all roads within our borders that are not State or City roads.

Contacting the Entity in Charge of Your Street:

Entity Responsible..
Please Call..
Web Site
Kentucky DOT 859-341-2700


Boone County Fiscal  Court 859-334-3600


The City of Florence 859-647-5416
The City of Union 859-384-1511

The City of Walton


During Snow Emergencies it may be necessary for the Boone County Public Works department to assist in the clearing of non-county or state owned roadways in order to accommodate emergency vehicles for medical response or other emergency response functions. This assistance can be discretionary based on the situation or by the order of the Boone County Judge-Executive.

Road Priority

Road priority information for state routes can be found HERE