Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement serves Boone County by inspecting possible ordinance violations. 

Common Ordinance Inspection Requests:

  1. Boone County Ord. 93.01 Unsightly vegetation
  2. Boone County Ord. 92.01 Discarded items left in open storage
  3. Boone County Ord. 97.01 Debris left on county roads or right-of-way
  4. Boone County Ord. 70.01 Steel tracked vehicles upon county roads prohibited
  5. Boone County Ord. 150.62 Conditions determining unfit structure
  6. Boone County Sub. Reg. Article 3, Section 325 Erosion Control during new construction

Descriptions of above ordinances and all Boone County Ordinances can be found by clicking here. You can also check out Boone County Subdivision Regulation Section 325 by clicking here.

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