Code Enforcement

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The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to enforce the health, safety and welfare provisions of the Boone County Code of Ordinances and to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and visitors to Boone County. Where violations occur, our goal is to work with our citizens to achieve voluntary compliance, whenever possible, and to ensure an efficient and fair process.

Code Enforcement serves Boone County by inspecting possible ordinance violations. 

Common Ordinance Inspection Requests:

  1. Boone County Ord. 70.01 Steel tracked vehicle upon county roads prohibited
  2. Boone County Ord. 92.01 Discarded items left in open storage
  3. Boone County Ord. 93.01 Unsightly vegetation
  4. Boone County Ord. 97.01 Debris left on county roads or right-of-way
  5. Boone County Ord. 97.38 Water flowing over county roads
  6. Boone County Ord. 97.61 Right-of-way encroachment policy
  7. Boone County Ord. 150.61 Conditions determining unfit structure
  8. Boone County Ord. 154.01 Signs in public right-of-way

To read the ordinances listed above, click the ordinance number and you will be directed to that ordinance. You may read all Boone County ordianances here.

Contact Code Enforcement by phone at: (859) 334-3600.
Contact Brad Horn at

To view the Code Enforcement Process flowchart click here.