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The following is the policy for hiding caches in Boone County parks.

  1. Groups/individuals must stay on trails at Sperti Nature Park where hiking off trail can cause ecological damage.
  2. Groups/individuals must obey operating hours and park rules and must park in designated parking areas only.
  3. The owner of the cache should provide an email of request to the Parks Director listed below.
  4. Current cache owners who already have caches in Boone County Parks should send an email in the same manner as a new cache.
  5. Boone County Parks will respond to the request and will issue an approval number. Once this has been received the cache owner may seek approval from
  6. Park staff will remove all caches hidden without approval.
  7. As per standard GeoCaching rules, no burying of caches is allowed anywhere in the Boone County Park system.
  8. Physical caches are not allowed in the following areas:
    • Big Bone Landing
    • Volpenhien Park
    • Golf courses
    • Union Pool area
    • Anywhere there are gates locked/fences to keep visitors out.
    • On the surface of any playing fields.
Requesting approval: Send an email to with "GeoCache Request" in the Subject Line. Please include the following information in the Body of the email:
  1. Name, address and phone number of the owner.
  2. Include the name the cache will have on
  3. Coordinates of the cache location and the coordinates any steps to get to the cache if applicable (for multi caches).
  4. Name of the park where cache is to be hidden.
  5. Include a description of the cache container (Tupperware, ammo box, and film canister).
  6. If you include a parking suggestion include this in the request.
  7. Include if the cache is existing (hidden prior to May 1, 2007 only) or new cache.
  8. Include 1-2 sentences describing where the cache is hidden.
Do not include pictures, diagrams, figures etc. Requests that are submitted incomplete will be returned. Once approval has been granted, you will be given an approval number. Include this number at the bottom of your cache description when you post the cache for approval from The Boone County Parks cannot assume any liability for any geocache placement. Individuals place caches in Parks property at their own risk. This includes damage, destruction, and loss occurring to any geocache placement. Moving Caches: If a cache or any part of a cache needs to be moved due to environmental impact, non-Geocachers finding it, etc. please resubmit the new coordinates and a new description of where the cache has been re-hidden. For more information, contact David Whitehouse at




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