Emergency Management

Hazardous Materials


Hazardous Materials are substances which, because of their properties, pose a potential risk to health, property or the environment.

nfpaPreparing for a Hazardous Materials Incident

Develop an Emergency Plan.

Maintain a Disaster Supplies Kit.

Learn about the Emergency Warning Systems which may be used to warn you of a hazardous materials incident.

Understand the what to do if Evacuation or Shelter-In-Place is ordered.

What to do in the Event of a Hazardous Materials Incident

If you witness a hazardous materials release report it immediately by calling 911.

DO NOT enter the area contaminated by the hazardous material.

If you receive a warning of a hazardous materials incident stay tuned to local radio or television for emergency information. Follow all instructions carefully. If you are asked to evacuate or shelter-in-place do so immediately.

What to do after a hazardous materials incident

DO NOT return to any evacuated area or leave your shelter until authorities say it is safe to do so.

Persons exposed to the hazardous material may be contaminated. If you have been contaminated by the hazardous material seek medical help immediately by calling 911.

Property exposed to the hazardous material may be contaminated. Follow decontamination instructions given by local authorities to clean up the property or the environment.

Hazardous Materials Reporting and Enforcement


Companies that manufacture, use, transport, or store hazardous materials in Boone County are required by law to report the quantity and location of these materials to Boone County Emergency Management, and have contingency plans in place in case of unexpected release. Boone County Code of Ordinances Chapter 95 addresses hazardous material enforcement in Boone County and designates the Emergency Management office as the primary enforcement agency.


Hazardous Materials Emergency Response

Mvc fBoone County utilizes the services of the Northern Kentucky Regional WMD/Hazardous Materials Response Unit. 

For emergency evacuation and shelter in place instructions click [here].