Emergency Management

Emergency Management: Duties

Boone County Emergency Management provides many services for Boone County, including the cities of Florence, Union and Walton:

  1. Work with the whole community to maintain the comprehensive emergency management program.
  2. Coordinate efforts towards core capabilities in prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery mission areas.
  3. Coordinate the Preparedness Cycle for the comprehensive emergency management program to include: planning, organizing and equipping, training, conducting exercises, evaluation and improvement.
  4. Development and maintenance of the Boone County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
  5. Planning and response coordination for all hazards.
  6. Provide 24–hour response coverage for any significant emergency within the County and act on behalf of the County and/or City Chief Elected Official in coordinating multiple agencies and resources as necessary.
  7. Maintain the Emergency Warning Systems (including the Mass Notification Telephone System and the Outdoor Warning Siren System).
  8. Maintain the readiness of the primary and alternate Boone County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel, facilities and equipment.
  9. Provide information and assistance as necessary to the County Administration and City Administrations regarding any significant emergency situation including State of Emergency declarations.
  10. Hazardous material release reporting and enforcement. 
  11. Develop and organize training exercises annually for public safety agencies to test response plans and procedures within the County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
  12. Retain “StormReady” recognition through the National Weather Service by maintaining severe weather preparedness.
  13. Represent Boone County on a number of committees and organizations including: Kentucky Emergency Management Association, Northern Kentucky Emergency Planning Committee, Boone County Fire Chief’s Association, Northern Kentucky Technical Rescue Team, Inc., Northern Kentucky Hazmat/WMD Response Unit, Inc., Northern Kentucky Police Chief’s Association, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Disaster Committee, Cincinnati Area Maritime Security Committee and many others.
  14. Provide emergency preparedness information to the public including presentations.
  15. Oversight for Boone County Water Rescue.
  16. Develop and maintain the Boone County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

This list does not include all Emergency Management responsibilities, but should provide some idea of our general ongoing efforts.