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CodeRed Mass Notification


Boone County Emergency Management maintains the CodeRed Mass Notification System which integrates published telephone database information and mapping to allow for specific geographic area notification capability. In the event of a localized emergency, officials can select the affected area on a map of Boone County and automatically generate a call list. The CodeRed Mass Notification System then begins to contact each number on the call list.

Please note that the Code Red Mass Notification System database only includes published telephone numbers. Those with no land line or unpublished numbers will not be called unless your address and cell phone or unpublished number has been provided via our Community Notification Enrollment webpage:

For CodeRed emergency calls your caller-id will display 866-419-5000. We suggest saving “Code Red Emergency” with this number as a contact in your phone.

The CodeRed system can also be used to notify citizens of non-emergency events or provided general information. You will receive these general calls only if you opt in to receive them when you sign up for CodeRed on our Community Enrollment page.

For CodeRed general calls your caller-id will display 855-969-4636. We suggest saving “Code Red General” with this number as a contact in your phone.

Code Red Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



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