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Effective June 1st we went to an online permitting and no longer require hard copies of applications and plans. Please go back to our main page and there you will find the link to take you to our online portal for to apply for you own permits and upload the plans. If you have any questions about the online portal please feel free to call our office at 859-334-2218 or email us at If you have questions regarding HVAC codes, & installation please contact the following: For fees please click on the HVAC tab.

Commercial HVAC:

Mark Martin at
Brandon Marksberry at
Mark Brant at

Residential HVAC:

Paul Stephenson at 

Contact # 859-334-2218

Affidavit of assurance

Affidavit for Geothermal Inspections

Method of payment: we accept cash, checks made payable to “Boone County Fiscal Court” or Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard only)

Water Heater Permits and Inspections are obtained through the Kentucky Division of Plumbing’s office at 859–331-8228, or their website:



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