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Boone County Master Commissioner FAQ

What time are the sales and where are they held?

Do I need to register?

Is there a list of pending foreclosure cases or of upcoming sales?

Can I review the file for this property?

What does "LA" mean?

Will the properties for sale start at a certain amount at the time of Foreclosure?

Must the property bring a certain amount?

Can I purchase the property before the sale?

Cash or Credit?

How do I know how much to bring?

What do "bond" and "surety" mean?

Can I see or inspect the property before the sale?

Can a sale be cancelled?

When will I receive a deed and possession of the property?

Will I receive a clear title?

Am I responsible for the tax liens on the property?

Due Diligence?  What is that?

Who pays the property taxes?

What if somebody is currently living there?

What is a Writ of Possession?

How do I go about getting the keys for the property?



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largest county



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of riverfront