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3rd Floor, Administration Building
2950 Washington St, Rm 317
P.O. Box 958
Burlington, KY 41005

(P) 859.334.2196
(F) 859.334.2264

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM

The Urban Forest Commission is requesting bids for the KY18/KY237 SPUI landscape enhancement area.
Bids are due by Monday, Oct. 16th at 1:00PM. [...more info]

The Boone County Planning Commission is requesting proposals for providing professional technical services for the 2016 Digital Ortho and Oblique Imagery Project.
Proposals are due by Monday, Oct. 19th at 5:00PM. [...more info]

The Boone County Planning Commission is interested in filling the position of Zoning Enforcement Officer. Deadline to apply is Monday, September 28, 2015 at 5:00PM. [...more info]

Walton Main Street Strategic Plan

This strategic plan will help energize the Walton downtown district into a healthy business and residential...
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How Do I Start or Expand a Business in Boone County?

In order to start a new business or expand an existing business, a business owner shall contact the following four offices...
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2014 Estimated Population Numbers

Boone County (Unincorporated) 84,922
City of Florence 31,888
City of Union 5,733
City of Walton 3,870
All of Boone County 126,413

2014 Subdivision Regulations

The Boone County Subdivision Regulations sets forth a procedure for Planning Commission approval for the subdivision of land...
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WEDNESDAY, 10.07.15 @ 6:00PM - TECHNICAL / DESIGN REVIEW ...details
WEDNESDAY, 10.07.15 @ 7:00PM - BUSINESS MEETING ...details
WEDNESDAY, 10.07.15 @ 7:30PM - PUBLIC HEARINGS ...details
THURSDAY, 10.08.15 @ 4:00PM - HISTORIC PRESERVATION ...details
MONDAY, 10.12.15 - OFFICE CLOSED ...details
WEDNESDAY, 10.14.15 @ 6:00PM - BOONE COUNTY BOA ...details
MONDAY, 10.19.15 @ 4:30PM - URBAN FOREST COMMISSION ...details
TUESDAY, 10.20.15 @ 5:00PM - NOVEMBER BOA DEADLINE ...details
THURSDAY, 10.22.15 @ 10:00AM - GIS ADVISORY BOARD ...details

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