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If Officials Say to Evacuate...

Public safety officials will tell you if an evacuation is ordered by using the Emergency Alert System (EAS) through local cable or commercial television or local radio, the Communicator telephone notification system, NOAA Weather Radio, by emergency vehicle public address systems, or by door to door notification. If you are told to evacuate:

If Officals Order Shelter-In-Place Protection
During A Hazardous Materials Emergency

Shelter-In-Place Graphic
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Public safety officials will tell you if shelter-in-place protection is ordered by using the means described in the evacuation section. If you are told to shelter-in-place, you should take the following actions.

Schools, Hospitals And Nursing Homes

Emergency plans have been developed for all schools, hospitals and nursing homes within Boone County. Their staffs are prepared to carry out their duties for shelter-in-place protection. DO NOT attempt to pick up your children from their schools unless advised to do so by local authorities.

What You Can Do Now !

You can prepare your family NOW by doing the following:

Develop an emergency plan for your family, school or business.

Put together an emergency supplies kit. Click here for more information.

Call the Boone County Emergency Management office TODAY at 334-2279 with any questions. Click here for more Shelter-In-Place information

To Receive "Public Safety Announcements" by e-mail click [here].

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